Knitting knots around the family.

Previous Projects January 4, 2009


Diamond Scarf::N1100
Zeebee Hat::Schmeebot
Antifreeze::Jenna Adorno
Storm Cloud Shawlette::ever green knits
Kathy Scarf #1::Kathy ?
February Baby Sweater::Elizabeth Zimmerman
Zeebee Hat (see link above)::Schmeebot
Modified Baby Booties::Evelyn Clark
Nutkin Socks::Knitzi
Secret LYS Tour Socks::Dianna Stevens
5/5 squares for Barn Raising Quilt for Sock Summit Raffle::Larissa Brown
4 3-D needle felted sheep for a baby mobile
Hedgerow Socks for Sock Summit Museum::Jane Cochran
Seaweed Socks::Wendy D. Johnson
Baby Kimono Sweater for Ryan::Erika Flory
Mexican Train Bag::KnottyK
Bed Socks in Lemon Pattern for MIL 60th Birthday::Nancy Bush
Large Barn-raising Quit Square blanket::Larissa Brown
2 pair Knucks Fingerless Gloves::Pamela Grossman
2 kitty ball toys::I like Lemons
Baktus Scarf for me::Strikkelise
Baktus Scarf for Teacher::Strikkelise
Hermione’s Hat for Dad’s Girlfriend::JL Yarnworks
Cabled Hat for Dad::KnottyK
1 3 piece set (Hand, Finger, Wash cloth) cabeled cloths::Dianna Stevens
1 3 piece set lace cloths::Dianna Stevens
 2 pair Christine’s Favorite Booties::Unknown


Chemo Hat (January)::Generic Pattern
Baby Hat::Generic Pattern
3 Heart Pendants::Knitting in a Happy Camper
Baby Booties::Christine’s Baby Booties
Sweet Baby Cap::Gros Blog
Modified Koolhas Hat::Brooklyntweed
Modified Greenery Hat::Lilith’s Lair of Lunacy
Star of the Day Hat::I’m Knitting as Fast as I can
Mary Jane Slippers::Whitney, The Purl Bee
Little Sky Sock, Learning Sock 1::New Pathways for Sock Knitters::Cat Bordhi
Chemo Hat (February)::Generic Pattern
Modified Koolhas Hat::Brooklyntweed
Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth::unknown
Log Cabin Dishcloth::Dillys Sutherland
Squidge Cloth::Sasha, Knit Nutt
Simple Dishcloth::Generic Pattern
14 Knit Easter Eggs::Whitney, The Purl Bee
Palette Scarf::Knitty, Spring 2007
Chemo Hat (March)::Generic Pattern
Corrugater Scarf::Paula Smith
Toe-Up Socks with a Difference::Wendy Knits
Victorian Lace Socks::Six Sox KAL Yahoo Group
Breastfeeding Advocacy Washcloth::Lizzie
Flower Basket Lace Shawl (S2014)::Evelyn Clark
Chemo Hat (April)::Generic Pattern
Baby Surprise Jacket::Elizabeth Zimmerman
Chemo Hat (May)::Generic Pattern
4 Modified Ornaments (Cat Toys)::Handknit Holidays Book
Rosepath Scarf::Yvonne Ellsworth
Two Old Shale Soap Sacks (215)::Evelyn Clark
Old Shale Washcloth (215)::Evelyn Clark
Toe-up socks with short-row heels::Generic Pattern
Baby Bonnet::Hayfield 7089 “The Essential Baby Book”, Design 9
Baby Booties::Christine’s Baby Booties
Chemo Hat (June)::Generic Pattern
Topiary with Heart Washcloth::Leisure Arts #3934 “Garden Dishcloths to Knit”
Birdhouse Washcloth::Leisure Arts #3934 “Garden Dishcloths to Knit”
Fingering Weight Toe-Up Socks with Gusset and Slip-stitch Heel::Wendy D. Johnson of WendyKnits
BareNakedLacy Socks::Nancy of Operakatz
February Baby Sweater::Elizabeth Zimmerman
3 x 3 Square Barn Raising Quilt::Knitalong Book by Larissa Brown
Tie One On::Nona
Toe-up Socks With a Difference::Wendy Knits
Chemo Cap (July)::Generic Pattern
Chemo Cap (August)::Generic Pattern
Chemo Cap (September)::Generic Pattern
Chemo Cap (October)::Generic Pattern
Chemo Cap (November)::Generic Pattern
Chemo Cap (December)::Generic Pattern
Jasper Ridge Earflap Hat::Bluegirl Knits
Cowl’d and Frosty Morning::Kelly Without a Net
Bainbridge Scarf::Pepperknit
Quant Headband::Star Athena
Marsan Watchcap::Stacyjoy Elkin
Game Bag::generic pattern