Knitting knots around the family.

No pic, just joke January 24, 2011

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So, I am quickly realizing that my hubby is not being good about sharing the camera, and I’m just not getting good enough to get decent shots off of my cell cam, so you just get a joke from a friend today:

A blonde took her Jaguar to the garage because it was running rough. The mechanic looked under the hood and then he said, “Just crap in the carburetor.” The blonde said, “How often do I have to do that?”

Yes, I’m blonde…


My-oh-my Little Pony January 21, 2011

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For not being a “girlie-girl” growing up, I had an inornate love of My Little Pony.  I probably had about 10 of them, 2 of the stuffed ones, the castle, and the stable. 

Yes, I am an only child, why do you ask….;)

Anyway, I happened to be scanning MSN today and found this little odd spot.  I’m SO glad my ponies are my mother’s attic rather than in this stylist’s hands!


Whiskers on Wednesday January 19, 2011

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Here we have my mom’s pond last November.  It ices over in the winter. 
She has a cat.  Can you see kitty prints?


First Finish of 2011 January 17, 2011

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Socks for the husband, late Christmas gift, although they were started before Thanksgiving…

Toe-up socks with a difference, Lorna’s Laces shepard sock, “Pullman” colorway.  My husband and I met in Pullman, WA, fell in love there, got married while living there, had first baby while living there, got pregnant with second baby living there… and then we moved to this side of the state.  It’ll been 9 years in July since we lived there, but it still feels more like home.


Trekking KAL: Center of Attention Sock January 13, 2011

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I joined a KAL for Skacel’s Trekking yarn.  Well, really, a friend caught me at a weak moment and it sounded cool.  The KAL is January-June this year.

Center of Attention: clue 1

Here is clue 1, the toe.  A little different for me since there isn’t the 1 stitch between the increases and the end of the needle that I’m used to.

Center of Attention: clue 2 full

Clue 2: unstretched.  A funky cable, but fun. 

The KAL info is here, and the ringleader is here.


Whiskers on Wednesday January 12, 2011

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And I thought reading material had to be on my lap for her to lay on it…


Ricco Swappie!!! January 8, 2011

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I could be totally mangling the “ricco suave” saying that I seem to have stuck in my brain from some old song or something, but it amuses me, so it stays.

I am involved in a swap.  It needs 3 more peeps to get the shipping going.  Clicky here if you’re interested in a low-key swap!

In other news, the eldest son’s basketball team won both of their games today, first wins for either league!  Also, the Seahawks are holding their own… if we were going to get a bit of snow here, we may get a blizzard…