Knitting knots around the family.

Insanity June 26, 2009

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definition: repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting a different outcome. 


School is out.  Mommy’s going crazy and feels like a broken record.  I have 1 big blanket and 2 baby sweaters that are overdue.  I have a pair of socks that are not overdue.  And I’ve just signed up for knitting the Hedgerow Socks for the Sock Summit Museum.  Yes, I’m one of the disgusting ones who managed to get classes. 


On the other hand, I’m done with the sheep!!!  If you have talked to me in the last few months, you know what this project has been.  I always seem to stockpile projects, and then kind of (oh, who are we kidding, there is no “kind of” about it) freak out when they all kind of come due at the same time.  Hence the insanity. 


But, oh ho, I have a plan!  The hub and I are flinging the kids off at my mom’s, then dissapearing to Montana for a week.  He’s driving.  Plenty of time for me to knit a pair of socks in the passenger seat.  🙂


The question is, can I commit to project monogammy…