Knitting knots around the family.

Mad Cow March 11, 2009

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Acutal conversation from last night:

Husband: “I’m stressed out because I don’t know what day the septic company will be out to put in the line and I don’t have a timeline to give Bryan to move his trailer!”

Me:  “Dude, it’s the health department, not the septic, just give it some time.  I told you last week that I was told we wouldn’t see anything before Thursday”

H: “I know, but I want to know when it will be done!”

Me:  “Listen, what are you going to do, go down to the health department and yell at them?”

H:  (rather sheepishly now) “I don’t know, I just might!”


Yesterday was so NOT a good day.  Imagine many small conversations like this most of the evening.  And they always say that women are the ones who mad cow!


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