Knitting knots around the family.

A man and his tractor March 17, 2009

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A man and his tractor are a beautiful thing, especially if they’re in my backyard digging drain line ditches!


I know why it snowed… March 16, 2009

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… hell has really frozen over, because the Health Department has finally granted us a permit for our septic work!!! Stay tuned for dirty pictures tomorrow!


Mad Cow March 11, 2009

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Acutal conversation from last night:

Husband: “I’m stressed out because I don’t know what day the septic company will be out to put in the line and I don’t have a timeline to give Bryan to move his trailer!”

Me:  “Dude, it’s the health department, not the septic, just give it some time.  I told you last week that I was told we wouldn’t see anything before Thursday”

H: “I know, but I want to know when it will be done!”

Me:  “Listen, what are you going to do, go down to the health department and yell at them?”

H:  (rather sheepishly now) “I don’t know, I just might!”


Yesterday was so NOT a good day.  Imagine many small conversations like this most of the evening.  And they always say that women are the ones who mad cow!


life as a bumper sticker March 10, 2009

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One of my favorite bumper stickers is this:

A friend will help you move,
A good friend will help you move the bodies!

We have two 7-foot-deep “test” pits in our backyard from the septic company visit.  The running joke around the house is “bring your bodies over, but make it quick, the window is shrinking for proper burial”. 

The current state of the bathroom is taped, mudded, and textured, now trying to move on to light sanding, ceiling repair, and painting.  Of course, hubby had to go and get a migraine this afternoon, which means another night down the drain.  We’re still keeping high hopes that the heath department will issue a permit this week so we can get new drainlines.  Once we get the permit, it will be a one-day job, and then we can use the drains with abandon!  We’ll still have to wait for the health department to come back out and say “yes, good job, now bury the line”, but we’ll be able to drain until that time. 


One day this WILL return to a knitting blog.  At least, I hope so.


Spectacular Failure March 6, 2009

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So, here’s the scoop on the ongoing potty saga.  New septic company came out, dug around a bit because the county had no record of us having septic, and came back with the following news:
-drain field is shot. 
-we have good soil for new drain field installation
-we failed the stress test on the system.  Long story short, when they’re doing the test, it should take 1.5 to 2 hours for the system to “fail”.  We failed in less than 3 minutes.  Hence the ‘spectacular failure’.
-the company can do the work for under $6500. 

So today, tomorrow, and possibly Sunday are all about mudding and taping drywall and trying to put up texture.  I still haven’t gotten pics of recent projects, and can’t find Christmas pics, so you’ll just have to do with a giggle from yesterday’s comics.



George March 4, 2009

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George is our older cat, purchased when Colt was 2 (Colt turned 9 in October).  George has found some rather interesting places to hang in his lifetime.  See further example:

Do you see a kitty here?

Close-up of black lump behind keyboard:

Yes, he’s sleeping on his head.  And he slept through the whole photo shoot, until this:

” I will make typing impossible for you until you show me the respect I am due!”


Yes, there’s an update to the potty situation, but it’ll wait for tomorrow, when I’m better able to wrap my head around it.


Queen of my castle March 2, 2009

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I now have a throne:

We spent last night at the house.  It was soooo nice to be back in our own bed after 13 days of mummy bags and air matresses!