Knitting knots around the family.

The Bathroom Horror Picture Show February 25, 2009

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Want to see the potty in various states of distress? Click here. I truly suggest looking at this one of the fabulous bees’ nest. We’re pretty sure they were a paper wasp colony.

We are moving up in the world, however.  There is one layer of subfloor fitted in the bathroom, not nailed down yet, but fitted.  This is an improvement.


Up February 23, 2009

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Nowhere to go but up… literally! We only have a ceiling in the bathroom, so there’s really nowhere else to go.

We have found out two rather important things during this crazy time:
1. Tear out the walls before the floors. We now get to sift through the dirt of the crawlspace to get every freaking piece of dryboard out so the crawlspace looks “nice” for future re-sell.**
2. Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Have a housing emergency, and you stand alone. We have truly found out who are steadfast friends and family are.

If you want to learn more about the pitiful state of the potty, see hubby’s blog here.

**I don’t know if I could live through re-selling. My motto since last Sunday has been “match and gasoline”.


I have no… February 21, 2009

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Bathroom. All there is in the bathroom is studs in the walls and joists in the floor. No tub, toilet, sink.

Sanity. Now that I’m feeling better, the reality of the situation is pressing in. My “Chicken Little” voice is having a field day.

Money. We had to borrow from the inlaws to partially pay for the couple of thousand for the water damage clean-up and new drains on everything. We’re now potentially looking at up to $12,000 for a new septic/drainfield.

Stash. The part of my stash that I consider “reasonably sellable” has been put up for sale and parts have already gone out the door to offset the costs mentioned above. I know you can’t take it with you when you go, but some of it hurt a bit on its way to the post office.

I know I’m snivelly and whiney, and I appologize for that.


Cesspool February 17, 2009

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Murphy’s Law has struck again…

I have the wandering crud that I thought I had missed… so I have a cesspool of germy gunkiness in my respiratory system.

Our tub decided not to drain again on Sunday evening, so husband went to check under the house… we have every freakin’ drain in the house leaking into our crawlspace! Yesterday we had a lovely visit from the water damage clean-up crew, today we have the septic tank pumped (our city makes you pay to bring it down the road!), and tomorrow we get a new vapor barrier and plumbing under the house.

This is all of course just peachy. It’s mid-winter break, so the boys are home, and we’re living at the in-laws since we have running water, but nowhere for it to run to. One day, hopefully before hades freezes over (or my house stops conspiring against me), there will be pictures of the boys skiing and Madrona and all that good stuff.


Snow Bored February 10, 2009

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Since it’s snowing, again, and I’m bored out of my gourd, let’s have a bit of “product placement”.

There are two products out there that make me giggle anytime I see or think of them. My first fave is Bordeaux’s Butt Paste. First time I heard of it I wondered if it was some of the gag spackle for butt cracks. Turns out, it’s for baby bums and works fairly well.

This Christmas, my hubby got some Anti-Monkey Butt Powder in his stocking. I also thought that was a gag, until a friend of ours told me that racers use it so they don’t chafe. The graffic on the bottle is really worth the purchase price.

Yes, I’m pathetically juvenille. I guess I should also let you know that my all-time favorite bar name is the “Slurp and Burp” in Moscow, ID.