Knitting knots around the family.

Snowed In December 22, 2008

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Back home, there is a nearby area called Snowden.  It’s at the top of a big honkin’ hill, and I never quite got the name until now.  I’m guessing that it started as everyone up there constantly saying “we’re snowed in” and it just morphed into “Snowden”.

Anyway, we’ve got about a foot on the ground, give or take, these are not exact measurements.  Kevin has been home since last Monday, Colt has been home since Wednesday.  All kids and no break make mommy a very nutty girl!  We’ve made it out and about, but not very far and I miss my people!  

On the other hand, most people haven’t been speeding like idiots down my street for once.  I actually saw my first city snowshoer go by last week!  Cross-country skis and dirt bikes we’ve seen aplenty, but that was my first snowshoer. 

I have been busy, just not ready to post pics yet.  And the snow has been helping my natural procrastinator tendencies quite well:  I’m finally sending out my Christmas cards today.  😉


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