Knitting knots around the family.

It’s not just snowing here… December 13, 2008

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I love how WordPress “snows” this time of year.  This evening we were at our corner Safeway when my younger son pipes up “Hey, look, it’s snowing!”  The Seattle area was supposed to have this big OMG storm, and we got nada, so I figured my little one was wishful thinking.  And it turns out, he wasn’t. 

I’m known as Scrooge at this time of year, when too many issues collide all at once:
-potential spouse unemployment in January (when he works in IT, it’s always a possibility)
-too many functions to make it to sanely
-basketball season for the older boy starts
-husband training for ski school
-too many people to have to be nice to
-gifts to either make or purchase
-an even bigger lack of sunshine
-and of course, my “favorite”, having Christmas shoved up my hiney from before freakin’ Halloween!
I just tend not to be a happy camper, and rather just slog through the season, praying that the reindeer that ran Grandma over makes a return visit, or there is severe enough weather that we don’t have to go play nice.  I also tend to play non-traditional music along the lines of Bob Rivers and Dr. Demento.  All time fave:  “Who put the Stump?”, the woes of a poor Christmas tree angel. 

But when the little one said there’s snow, I actually cracked a smile.  And when I saw that Cass opened her Etsy store with absolutely fantastic quotes, I cracked an even bigger smile. 

I might have to break out of the Scrooge shell…


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