Knitting knots around the family.

Christmas Knitting December 24, 2008

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Here it is, Christmas eve.  Above is Quant from Knitty for our PTA secretary.  Yarn is Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann “Traditions”, colorway Chocolate Raspberry, fiber content acrylic/wool/”other fiber” (kind of makes you wonder what their specification of ‘other’ is).  I modified the second tie according to a link I found on Ravelry.  If you’re really that interested, I can link to it later.

Marsan Watchcap for Craig, originally meant for his brother.  Yarn is my own handspun merino in blues and greens.  I was freaking out that my BIL wouldn’t like this hat, and Craig said don’t rip it, finish it, I like the way it feels.  He’s such a sweetie!


Bainbridge Scarf for Kev’s kindergarten teacher, being modeled by Kev himself.  Yarn is Filatura Di Crosa “Dusk” in colorway 6, used a smidge over one skein, fiber content cotton/acrylic/polyamide.  His teacher is allergic to wool, and this seemed to work out well.

Cowl’d and Frosty Morning cowl for Colt’s 3rd grade teacher.  Yarn is Plymouth Yarn “Expression”, fiber content wool and acrylic.  It’s really not quite as bright as it seems in the photo. 

Luckily enough, the two teacher gifts were given the day before the school shut down due to snow.  The cowl has been much appreciated in this snotty weather we’ve been having!

I have a few more things on the needles that will be late due to weather, or are non-Christmas specific. 




Snowed In December 22, 2008

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Back home, there is a nearby area called Snowden.  It’s at the top of a big honkin’ hill, and I never quite got the name until now.  I’m guessing that it started as everyone up there constantly saying “we’re snowed in” and it just morphed into “Snowden”.

Anyway, we’ve got about a foot on the ground, give or take, these are not exact measurements.  Kevin has been home since last Monday, Colt has been home since Wednesday.  All kids and no break make mommy a very nutty girl!  We’ve made it out and about, but not very far and I miss my people!  

On the other hand, most people haven’t been speeding like idiots down my street for once.  I actually saw my first city snowshoer go by last week!  Cross-country skis and dirt bikes we’ve seen aplenty, but that was my first snowshoer. 

I have been busy, just not ready to post pics yet.  And the snow has been helping my natural procrastinator tendencies quite well:  I’m finally sending out my Christmas cards today.  😉


It’s not just snowing here… December 13, 2008

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I love how WordPress “snows” this time of year.  This evening we were at our corner Safeway when my younger son pipes up “Hey, look, it’s snowing!”  The Seattle area was supposed to have this big OMG storm, and we got nada, so I figured my little one was wishful thinking.  And it turns out, he wasn’t. 

I’m known as Scrooge at this time of year, when too many issues collide all at once:
-potential spouse unemployment in January (when he works in IT, it’s always a possibility)
-too many functions to make it to sanely
-basketball season for the older boy starts
-husband training for ski school
-too many people to have to be nice to
-gifts to either make or purchase
-an even bigger lack of sunshine
-and of course, my “favorite”, having Christmas shoved up my hiney from before freakin’ Halloween!
I just tend not to be a happy camper, and rather just slog through the season, praying that the reindeer that ran Grandma over makes a return visit, or there is severe enough weather that we don’t have to go play nice.  I also tend to play non-traditional music along the lines of Bob Rivers and Dr. Demento.  All time fave:  “Who put the Stump?”, the woes of a poor Christmas tree angel. 

But when the little one said there’s snow, I actually cracked a smile.  And when I saw that Cass opened her Etsy store with absolutely fantastic quotes, I cracked an even bigger smile. 

I might have to break out of the Scrooge shell…