Knitting knots around the family.

So happy! September 23, 2008

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What could make a rather caustic knitter like me happy?

Well, the Harlot is coming to Lake Forest Park Third Place Books on October 6th, and I’ve already got a hot date with one of my favorite people,




We’re finally getting a really cool gathering in the Northwest next Summer!!!


Wedding Wednesday-The End September 17, 2008

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So, as it goes in my world, I buy my dress for my BIL’s wedding, and it turns out to be like two shades/colors off of my planned wedding shawl.  Enter panic, stage left.  So I go to Knot Another Hat with my dress, and come out with this yarn, Miner Creek Alpacas 2-ply. 

The pattern is Tie One On from Knitty, but with some minor differences:  I opted to not knit the ties (too clunky with my dress) so I used ribbon (thank you, JoAnns!) threaded through the edges and pulled tight, and my yarnovers didn’t look like the ones in the pattern.  I thought about the yarnovers, but decided I liked what they were doing just the way they were.

I was asked by a few people at the wedding if I had knit it myself, and I’m taking it on good faith that they were asking because they liked it, and not because it was a “you knit that AND wore it public?!” moment. 

For those who may be wondering about the fate of the blue shawl, fear not, it is still being worked on for an October event.


Monday Munchkins-The End September 15, 2008

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I could go on and on about the “best laid plans” and all that jazz, but let’s not.  Instead, here are the last two baby projects that are now complete and on their way.

Sweater for Baby Girl Yocom.  Duets Yarn:  I had a smidge of the complement heel/toe color left.  Nice yarn, very plooshy when washed up.  Mods:  did less than called for garter repeats for hem and sleeve ends, made 3 button closure.

Baby Boy Boydston blanket.  Multiple sock yarns used.  I seamed it using crochett slip stitch, wasn’t the best way, but it worked.  I made a smaller size (3×3 squares) for carseat/stroller use. 

I’m glad these gifts are done and out of here!


Hey, Murphy*: bite me! September 5, 2008

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There has been much going on since the last post, but it would have turned this blog into a weeping, whining, and snivelling place that would suck the happiness out of everybody, rather in the same way that the Dementors of HP fame do.  Family drama, school drama, volunteer drama, friend drama, job drama, we’ve had it all.  The bright side is that we’re all in relatively good health, still own our home, not bankrupt, kids are in a school district that is not on strike, and I’m not separated from my spouse.   Give me a about a week and a half.  And good thoughts. 

*Murphy of Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will.  Murphy may have been an optimist, but all he’s been lately is a pain in my @$$.