Knitting knots around the family.

Woody Wednesday July 9, 2008

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Ok, I know, this is supposed to be “Wedding Wednesday”, but 1) I have only added one more 18 row repeat, so not a whole lot more to show from last week, and 2) I’ve got something much more impressive that I want to show.

We’ve lived in our house for almost 4 years now.  There was carpet here when we moved in.  On a whim, we pulled up a bit of the carpet to see what was underneath.  Lo and behold, there were hardwoods!  I have been wanting to pull up the carpet for quite some time, but it just never worked out.  Until now…

Yes, it’s a little dusty, needs some love, but they’re in pretty good shape!  So far we have the hallway, dinning room, and most of the living room pulled up.

If you look under the TV stand, you can see an edge of carpet and padding hanging out.  The two bookshelves and TV stand are rather heavy and cumbersome, not to mention filled with books, movies, and knitting paraphenlia, so they’re waiting for another day to have the carpet completely removed from underneath. 

So, how much do those three spaces amount to in dump material?

Oh, about enough to fill a trailer made out of a standard-size Dodge Dakota pickup bed.  But it’s out of my house!


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