Knitting knots around the family.

Munchkin Monday… July 7, 2008

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… is interrupted today by my husband being home for a week and finally listening to my pleas of pulling up our nasty carpet (and when I say nasty, I mean bordering on hazardous material) to expose the hardwood floor beneath.  We have a 1200 square foot house.  Only about 200 of that is NOT carpeted. 

Pros:  the hardwoods are extremely salavageable and may not require too much work.  Also, no more old carpet to harbor fleas.

Cons:  two sons that do not want to listen or help and are stalling work.  Husband who is a get up and go person, and I am anything but. 

We’re done for today, hallway and dining room are decarpeted, hallway has been given a lick and promise wash with some Murphy’s oil soap just to get up the dust.  Actual Munchkin Monday post will come either later today or tomorrow.  I’m almost done with the second-to-last square, and then only one more to go!


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