Knitting knots around the family.

Wedding Wednesday July 2, 2008

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Hmm…  the ball of yarn from last week has a wandering tail this week…

Could it be progress?

It is progress!  16 rows of the Neck Chart, one full 18 row repeat of Chart 2.  (Note:  I didn’t pull the shawl out and pin it, so the middle stitch looks like I screwed up near the cast on, but IRL it’s ok).

I tried to get a good picture of the subtle, but absolutely fantastic, subtle color changes, but it’s not really doing it in this pic.  I don’t know if I posess the photography skills to do it true justice, but I’ll keep trying.

It should also be noted that even after coffee, sugar, and running errands, I’m still feeling zombie-sh.  That could be another explaination.



One Response to “Wedding Wednesday”

  1. Dianna Says:

    Looks beautiful. Have a great weekend.


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