Knitting knots around the family.

Munchkin Monday June 24, 2008

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I’m starting days of the week, in hopes of keeping myself sane while the boys are out of school.  “Munchkin Mondays” will center on the baby projects I have going for my fecund cousins, due mid-July, mid-August, and early September.  “Wedding Wednesdays” will be for progress, or lack there of, on the shawl I am going to knit for my BIL’s wedding on September 13.  “Friday Footsies” will focus on my progress, or (again) lack there of, of socks that I am knitting for Summer of Socks 2008.  I’m hoping that doing this will keep me on track for all of these things, and keep me going when I can look back at previous photos and actually see what I’ve accomplished.

So, I know it’s a day late, but here is this week’s Monday Munchkins:

Booties for July’s baby, made from Colinette “Jitterbug”, colorway “Monet”, but I personally think it looks more like sweetpeas under summer skies.  Pink ties are leftovers in Oceanwind Knits in “Berijus”.

Bonnet for July baby, same yarn for main and accent flowers.  The bonnet pattern calls for a bunch of individual flowers, but that just doesn’t do it for me, so I did my own thing after reading Nicky Epstein’s book of appliques and flowers (don’t remember the title at the moment). 

I rather like the back of the bonnet, how the decreases make a sort of spiderweb pattern.  I also like that it can accomodate odd-shaped heads, so it will be more likely to fit a squashed newborn head. 

Here is an in-progress shot for September’s baby.  September is up before August because of the number of blocks I’m doing for this.  I’m doing a 5×5 block of the Barn Raising Quilt from Knitalong.  Fantastic book, good patterns, great info on why we knitalong, how to start a knitalong of your own, and history of knitalongs.  September is also the only boy out of this batch of babies.  I tend a lot towards blues, so most of this blanket is out of my stash.  Well, maybe half, I’d have to check again.  And it’s sock yarn, so it’s a small, portable project.  I’m just not looking forward to seaming. 

This concludes our first installment of “Monday Munchkins” a day late.  Enjoy! 


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