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A Sweater of Firsts May 8, 2008

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This is my first official:
-Person-sized sweater (babies are persons)
-Elizabeth Zimmerman project
-Use of buttonholes
-Use of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport

This sweater is fantastic, once you get your head wrapped around the design.  It is going to live with a classmate of my five-year-old who is expecting a younger sibling of undetermined gender.  Rainbow yarn and turquoise buttons are unisex to me!

I used crochet slip-stitch to seam because it looks nice from the front and back, and doesn’t detract from the design of the sweater, or leave bulky seams.

Being “detail oriented” as I am, I matched up the ends of the yarn so that each sleve and neckline color matched.

I had a hard time choosing buttons.  As you can see above, I went with washable turquoise blue buttons.  These were the third option.  The first ones were vintage buttons (on right, below) that I spent half an hour fishing out of a bargain button bin (25 cents per button) at Beads and Beyond (wonderful place, buttons and beads galore!).  But I made the mistake of not taking the sweater with me, and the buttons were too large for my buttonholes!  Then I went to JoAnns, and found the cute crayon buttons (on left), but they got rather lost in the pattern.  The buttons that were chosen came out of the bargain button jar at the Knittery, and for 55 cents, they work just fine! 

So far, this has been a year of firsts:  first shawl, first sweater, first techniques.  I wonder what I’ll do a “first” of next…


One Response to “A Sweater of Firsts”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    How much yarn did it take? Did it take 1 skein or 2? I’ve made one of these out of Lorna’s Shepherd worsted and it took less than a skein. I was just curious because I got some skeins of the sport at a sale that were single skeins and I have been wondering if they would be enough for a BSJ.

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