Knitting knots around the family.

“Rare and Collectible” April 22, 2008

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Ahh, the Yarn Harlot.  A refreshing and hilarious evening of finding out why our brains work the way they do, because we’re knitters, and trying to figure out exactly what she was doing locked out of her hotel room with only panties on.
The Harlot and Peet's Coffee

A real-life photo:  she’s inhaling the lovely aroma of Peet’s Coffee. 

I made her the Breastfeeding Advocacy cloth for her collection.  She liked it!  Note the signs above our heads.  “Rare and Collectible.”  Yes, I would say she definitely is.

Me holding the infamous sock.  It was a lovely evening.  Note to self:  next time, get haircut before photos, find bra that doesn’t separate quite so much, and lose some chub! 




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