Knitting knots around the family.

Jinkies! April 16, 2008

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I still need to post pics, but I thought I would leave you with a funny tale or two.

Yesterday, my youngest son was sitting on the couch watching Scooby-Doo.  And eating Scooby Snax. 

Today, while driving into Seattle, we passed a guy dressed in a seven-foot-tall gingerbread man outfit.  Specifically, he was “Gingy” from Shrek.  He was advertising for A Better Roofing Company. 

Last week I was sent an email with a rather vague subject of “five dollars”.  The joke that followed?

“The other day I pulled into the gas station, went in, and asked for five dollars worth of gas.  The cashier farted, and gave me a reciept.” 

Crude, I know, but it goes rather well with Crazy Aunt Purl’s reasoning of why the Pope won’t visit L.A. 

And now I’m off to plan a meeting and knit. 


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