Knitting knots around the family.

April Fool April 1, 2008

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The best April Fool I ever had pulled on me was by my mother when I was in my freshman year at WSU.  At the time, my best friend, her boyfriend, me, and a good friend of mine were talking about getting an apartment to share in my sophomore year.  My mother called me and said that she just missed me so much that she had taken a job as a lifeflight nurse out of Spokane and was moving into my new apartment with me and my friends.  She said she had already talked to my friends, and that it was ok, and she just needed a change in her life and she didn’t like being half a state away from her baby (I’m an only child, in case you couldn’t tell).  She had me going for a good 10 minutes, and I was freaking out and the whole nine yards because really, who wants their mother as their college roommate?!  I love my mom dearly, but there’s closeness, and then there’s too much closeness. 

I share this with you because our local The Wolf station was having call-ins this morning about the worse April Fool you ever played or had played on you (if you look in the “Fitz Podcasts” sidebar, there is an episode of the “April Fools Pranks”  Depending on where you work, the MP3 may not be appropriate).  This was the best one that I could think of. 

 So, Happy April Fools! 


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