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Eggs March 17, 2008

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Instead of doing one huge long rant and cry about my grandmother, I am going to share bits of my memories of her. 

In my younger years, my grandparents had chickens.  The henhouse was at the back corner of their small garden, and when I would stay over, it was my job to go get the eggs.  Most of the time, it was all good, but there was more than once that I got chased out of the henhouse by an irate chicken.  It’s a bit hard to run out of the coop while at the same time trying to shut the door so the chicken didn’t escape, because then I’d have to go chase the chicken.  I’m not good at chasing chickens.  Grandma would make fried eggs most mornings, and I don’t know what she did, but I have yet to meet someone who makes eggs that taste just like Grandma did them.

If the eggs weren’t meant for eating that day, they went into an outdoor fridge.  There were two fridges and one freezer outside the door under an overhang.  The smallest fridge was Grandpa’s “pig” fridge.  It usually contained vaccinations and such for his pigs out front.  The next fridge was for stuff that wouldn’t fit inside, and also for Grandma’s diet pepsi.  I don’t have a single memory of visiting my grandparents where my Grandma didn’t have her stash of diet pepsi in that fridge.  My Grandma had a kind heart for outdoor critters, so she’d have a tin pan of cat food out on top of those freezers for the strays that came through.  It wasn’t uncommon to look out at the top of those fridges at night and see eyes reflecting back at you.

There was one Easter that I remember spending with my grandparents, it must have been Spring break.  We went to the church that my grandparents belonged to, and where my Grandma played piano.  It was windy and rainy, but there was still an egg hunt after church.  I was old enough at the time that I watched the younger kids and helped them to find their eggs.  What I remember most about that day was Grandpa just sitting there watching Grandma play during church.

The Purl Bee posted a pattern for knit or patchwork Easter eggs.  I’m busy making a few of the knit ones for my family, but I’ll show you my prototype.  The yarn is Oceanwind Knits in Berijus, and it’s a bit smaller than the Koigu called for in the pattern, so I used a 2.5mm needle.  It’s a bit small, but still cute. 

ETA:  The left one is the prototype, the right one is made from Monarch from Fly Design in Roses colorway with beads.


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  1. Yvonne Says:

    I am so sorry! I lost my grandfather this last year and I know what a hard time it can be.

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