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Bartering February 29, 2008

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Growing up, it was common for my family to swap fruit from our orchard (200+ acres) for services and other goods.  Of course, there was the time that my grandfather kept failing his driving test for his license and he took down two buckets of cherries and returned with two empty buckets and a license.  When I found the site (see yesterday’s post, I’m too lazy to link again) about swapping socks for needles, I was all over it.  And look what I got!

A set of 5 hand-forged bronze size 1 DPNs.  Want a closer look?

I can’t imagine what it takes to stamp the “1” and the initials into such small needles.  Someone is probably going to ask if the swirl ridges catch on the yarn.  No, not really.  They catch about as much as a bamboo DPN would.  They are a bit heavier than say a Boye or Susan Bates aluminum DPN, but for me, the love is in the asthetics.  Well, and the fact that they were bartered.  Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


One Response to “Bartering”

  1. Wow, thanks for posting the terrific photos of the needles I made! And thanks for the complimnets! And thanks for the trade!!! Happy knitting. bye for now, Molly

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