Knitting knots around the family.

Library Hat February 24, 2008

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Pattern:  Koolhaas Hat, IK Holiday 2007, Jared Flood.  Yarn:  Moda Dea “Washable Wool“, 1 skein. 

Modifications:  I knit the ribbing for 3.5″, knit the rest of the hat, then flipped the ribbing back into itself with the brim in, and stitched it in.  My older brother-in-law has a brimmed hat that he adores and his wife decided that it would be great if she and her son had one.  The first attempt with the Koolhaas “brimmie” ended up in the brim flipping up and down, which is not a good thing.  So I sat down with my BIL’s brimmie, traced around the brim on his, and this is the result.  The material I used for the brim is stiff fusable interfacing that is used for making fabric bowls.  I got mine at JoAnn from the quilting project section.  It’s flexible, washable (doesn’t say it specifically on the packaging, but it survived my washer and dryer), and, unlike plastic canvas, has no sharp edges to cut through yarn or poke people.  I’m having my SIL test-wear this one, and then we’ll see about fixing my nephew’s hat. 

A review of the Moda Dea “Washable Wool”:  it is comparable to Heirloom “Easy Care” in the feel and structure.  It didn’t pill on initial wash, and it softened a bit in the wash.  Overall, for an $8 skein, not too shabby. 


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