Knitting knots around the family.

Redemption February 19, 2008

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In Seattle, midwinter can get ugly.  Really really ugly, what with approximately 70 percent of the population having SAD (seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as “winter blues”) and seeeminly unending rain and clouds.  You think you’re doing fine, still getting out to your son’s basketball games, showing up to volunteer meetings, not smacking another mother in the school parking lot because she desperately needs it.  You’re not pulling a Jack Nicholson in “The Shinning” sort of thing, nor do you think you’ve crawled into a cave. 

Then you get an email from a concerned friend who works at your absolute favorite LYS, and you realize you haven’t been spinning or gone to the store just to shoot the breeze in almost a month.  You’re still knitting, you’re still alive and somewhat well, but people who really matter in your life don’t quite know that.  And it’s a shocking revelation.  You go for a visit, reset yourself, and figure you’ve got to make a change. 

Then the sun comes out to give you nudge. 

friend sends you some fantastic hand-dyed silk for a project for your mother.  Ooooooh, shiney, sooo shiney.

And you find the simple pleasure of the combination of cables and a cheap, colorful cable needle

Thank you for your patience.  🙂


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