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Consumer Guilt January 15, 2008

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I tend to buy yarn, fiber, and related supplies from small shops rather than big chains, such as Michaels or JoAnn.  I prefer to buy in person rather than on-line, just because I’m tactile like that. 

Today, I broke out and not only purchased something from a big chain, but also on-line.  I’ve wanted a set of blocking wires for some time now, have had them on my wish list, but apparently they were a gift that people shied away from.  Enter 50%-off coupon from JoAnn in the Sunday paper.  And a gift card for the same store from Christmas.  A search through their knitting notions brought up results of blocking wires.  I was able to use my my gift card for the wires, a separate item, and be left with 54 cents on the card after the tax and shipping. 

I’m glad to have the wires, and glad to have stayed under my gift card limit.  But there is a bit of guilt.  I know others will understand. 

Note:  if you’re super-observant, you’ll notice that I finished my first FO of the year.  My goal is to knit at least one chemo or baby hat during each month of this year to donate.  Why hats?  They’re small, portable, and give quick satisfaction.  And there are lots of naked heads out there.


One Response to “Consumer Guilt”

  1. Katjaquilt Says:

    Hi Karen, I understand exactly what you mean. I first check out all the local stores before I buy at a big store or buy online. But the local shops often don’t have the possibility to store and stock so many items.

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