Knitting knots around the family.

Pictures! January 12, 2008

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Yesterday, I had a whole blog post ready in my mind about my grandmother and alzheimers, but then my real life came crashing in.  IRL, I help breastfeeding mothers (boy, I can just guess how many hits I’m going to get from people searching for “breasts”), and it’s a feast-or-famine type of thing.  I hadn’t had a call since Christmas Eve, then yesterday I had 3 different mothers call, one home visit, and returned home from the home visit to find an email from another mother.  All within about a 5 hour time span.  I love my work, and I love to see all those babies.

So, I did figure out pictures, and I did find my camera battery.  But no post on grandma, that’ll wait till tomorrow or Monday.  Sit back, and enjoy some pics of the family.

Christmas card pic for last year.
The family.

They only look innocent.  All 3 can be trouble. 

The boys.

Have a good weekend!


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