Knitting knots around the family.

No pics, just babble January 4, 2008

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So, I still haven’t figured out this picture thing, along with not being able to find my camera battery.  I know it’s somewhere in the house.  Probably laughing at me.

Random babble:
-Want a good laugh about nudity and coffee?  Go over to Derby and String.  You’ll never think about independent coffee stands the same way again. 
-I finally got into an Apple frame of mind.  My mommy got me a 4-gig Gen 3 Nano for Christmas, along with an iTunes gift card.  I figured out how to get music on it, next on the list:  podcasts.  If you’ve read enough, or know me IRL, you know that I’m married to an extrememe tech-geek.  I’m so proud of myself for holding out for so long.
-2 more days to go till school’s back in.  I’m counting the hours.

I’m hoping to have pics next time, especially of my Woolee Winder  for my wheel.  Maybe a few other purchases. 


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