Knitting knots around the family.

Destashing January 21, 2008

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If you’re interested, check out my 3 listings on destashsock yarn, projects I’ll never knit, and cottons.


I’m a weiner. January 18, 2008

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No, that’s not a misspelling.  I never win anything, with the exception of one contest two winters ago where by the skin of my teeth I happened to be the right caller.  I enter knitting contests left and right, but no luck.  I have, however, discovered that if you say “I’m a weiner” fast and low enough, people think that you said “I’m a winner” and get all excited.  Of course, they get a little flustered when you explain to them what you did say, but it’s good for a laugh.

Tomorrow:  one 2nd grade basketball game and one monster truck show. 


Consumer Guilt January 15, 2008

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I tend to buy yarn, fiber, and related supplies from small shops rather than big chains, such as Michaels or JoAnn.  I prefer to buy in person rather than on-line, just because I’m tactile like that. 

Today, I broke out and not only purchased something from a big chain, but also on-line.  I’ve wanted a set of blocking wires for some time now, have had them on my wish list, but apparently they were a gift that people shied away from.  Enter 50%-off coupon from JoAnn in the Sunday paper.  And a gift card for the same store from Christmas.  A search through their knitting notions brought up results of blocking wires.  I was able to use my my gift card for the wires, a separate item, and be left with 54 cents on the card after the tax and shipping. 

I’m glad to have the wires, and glad to have stayed under my gift card limit.  But there is a bit of guilt.  I know others will understand. 

Note:  if you’re super-observant, you’ll notice that I finished my first FO of the year.  My goal is to knit at least one chemo or baby hat during each month of this year to donate.  Why hats?  They’re small, portable, and give quick satisfaction.  And there are lots of naked heads out there.


Pictures! January 12, 2008

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Yesterday, I had a whole blog post ready in my mind about my grandmother and alzheimers, but then my real life came crashing in.  IRL, I help breastfeeding mothers (boy, I can just guess how many hits I’m going to get from people searching for “breasts”), and it’s a feast-or-famine type of thing.  I hadn’t had a call since Christmas Eve, then yesterday I had 3 different mothers call, one home visit, and returned home from the home visit to find an email from another mother.  All within about a 5 hour time span.  I love my work, and I love to see all those babies.

So, I did figure out pictures, and I did find my camera battery.  But no post on grandma, that’ll wait till tomorrow or Monday.  Sit back, and enjoy some pics of the family.

Christmas card pic for last year.
The family.

They only look innocent.  All 3 can be trouble. 

The boys.

Have a good weekend!


Taking Responsibility January 10, 2008

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So many times I hear parents of people who have done horrible things say that their kid was a great kid and wouldn’t ever hurt anyone, so on and so forth.  As a mother, it’s really hard for me to hear that stuff because obviously, their child was more than able to do those horrible things, otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing about them ad nauseum in the news/radio/newspaper.  I fully admit that my children have days where they do nasty things, even through having been taught better by myself and other adults around them.  My children are 8 and almost 5, so I hope in the time I have left of their years at home we work through some of the nastiness and by the time they leave home, feel like we have done the best that we could and that they keep those lessons. 

 There have been two news stories in the past month or so that just made me stand up and cheer for the community of parents.  Parents who stood up and said “Yes, my kid did that, and they deserve what they get!” 
1st example:  this guy who was high and dry during the December floods south of Olympia and still scammed flood relief workers. 
2nd example:  this mother who put her son’s car up for sale after finding alcohol in it.  The teen had only been driving the car since Thanksgiving 2007. 

I know I sound like I’m on a rant, and I probably am.  What I’m really trying to say is that it’s high time that parents start to take some responsibility for misdeeds their children do.  I’m not saying that if my older son misbehaves in school that I’m going to completely take all the blame, but I will step up and tell his teacher that we’ll work with the issue at home to improve his behavior at school. 

I promise, no ranting in my next post.  I figured out how to post pictures, but still can’t find my camera battery.  Today is a mass cleaning day for the living room.  🙂 


No pics, just babble January 4, 2008

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So, I still haven’t figured out this picture thing, along with not being able to find my camera battery.  I know it’s somewhere in the house.  Probably laughing at me.

Random babble:
-Want a good laugh about nudity and coffee?  Go over to Derby and String.  You’ll never think about independent coffee stands the same way again. 
-I finally got into an Apple frame of mind.  My mommy got me a 4-gig Gen 3 Nano for Christmas, along with an iTunes gift card.  I figured out how to get music on it, next on the list:  podcasts.  If you’ve read enough, or know me IRL, you know that I’m married to an extrememe tech-geek.  I’m so proud of myself for holding out for so long.
-2 more days to go till school’s back in.  I’m counting the hours.

I’m hoping to have pics next time, especially of my Woolee Winder  for my wheel.  Maybe a few other purchases. 


Catching up to ’08 January 2, 2008

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Yes, I’ve been gone for a while.  No, no deaths in the family, babies born (or waiting to be born) by me, house washed away, or anything else of that manner, just no blogging mojo.  So I’m back now, although I still need to figure out how to put pictures in the posts!  Alas, another ‘not a resolution’. 

 Yup, ‘not a resolution’.  I never keep actual thought-out resolutions, so I’ve decided that this is the year that when it comes into my head, I do it, or schedule it for a very short period of time later.  It can be anything from the length of my hair (above the shoulder now), to sucking it up and doing the dishes in the sink that I really don’t want to do, even though I have a dishwasher.  You get the idea. 

 This year, I hope to post at least 3 times a week, barring vacations and illness.  So here’s post #1.  I’m off to go figure out pictures now.