Knitting knots around the family.

Monday Montage November 5, 2007

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Well, this will be a montage, as soon as I figure out how to properly post pictures in this thing! 

 1.  Bronchitis sucks. 

2.  “Juan Diego” is turning into “Neverending Juan”.  I’ve got about half a bump left, and have plied about 314 yards.  The good news:  I’ll probably have just enough for the shawl pattern I have in mind.  The bad news:  it will take a bit longer than planned.

3.  The month of October included:
-A vist from both parents on consecutive weekends
-One birthday party for an 8 year old
-First field trip for a 4 year old
-A new member of the extended family
-A death in the extended family
-My car threatening to quit working
and a hat for a woman I met one afternoon at my LYS who is currently battling cancer again. 

Time to research how to do photos.