Knitting knots around the family.

Leakage of the Mind October 5, 2007

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I lead a small life.  I go to specific yarn stores,  I like specific restaurants, I hang with a small, select group of friends.  I follow what I call my “ant trails” when I go to places in the city.  But sometimes I want to break out of my self-imposed shell, but the energy and requirements to do so are so overwhelming that I just stay where I am.  I have dreams, just like everyone else, a few are on hold right now.  I lead a small life, but I love my small life. 

That said, I have a pair of socks that already seem to be never-ending and I’m not even to the heel on the first sock yet.  I like the yarn, like the pattern, no issues there.  But there is just something about working with it all that just seems to make my brain shut-down.  No, I’m NOT pregnant, no more babies from here.  It just seems more like my brain is on vacation and has forgotten to take my body with it.


Time for a change October 3, 2007

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I decided it was time for a change, and I felt like playing with a new blogging service.  Hope to see you all here. 


Busier than a bee… October 2, 2007

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Here’s the latest off of Etty: on the left, Juan Diego, single ply; on the right, “Happy Together”, two ply. “Happy Together” is fairly accurate to my monitor, Juan is much richer than what the monitor shows. Thursday was Open House at our school. Kev got to hang with the older sister of Colt’s best buddy, and she read a book to him. Kev was thrilled.
Saturday we headed to Port Angeles to watch hydroplanes. The sky was nasty, but held off all torrential showers until we left on Sunday.
Busy, busy, busy!