Knitting knots around the family.

Acts of Kindness September 17, 2007

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Juan Diego (see last post) is actually alpaca, and he’s soft enough that Dianna and I think he might be baby alpaca. I don’t care what he is, he’s soft and cuddly and he was a gift! and as soon as I get two bobbins cleared off (I’ve been practicing with keeping my thickness consistent), he’ll be meeting my scale.

I’m a sockapalooza 4 sock savior as well. Hi, Tammy! I have some yummy yarn ordered from Woolgirl (2 orders down, 5 to go before Wooly Woolgirl status… mmm…) and I’m just digging for a fantastic pattern. I did Monkeys for my other sockapalooza pal, so I think I need to find something a bit different for this one.

Dianna gifted me Juan, I’m gifting Tammy some socks. “Pay it forward” at work.


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