Knitting knots around the family.

A Guest at Rosh Hashanah September 15, 2007

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Mr. Pink was a quiet guest at Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). He eyed the gifelte fish suspiciously, and declined to try a bite. He did, however, approve of the loaves of challah bread and wine.
Dinner progressed so fast that he was unable to be photographed due to the fact that he was tasting many of the dishes.

After dinner, I decided that Mr. Pink needed to learn how to knit. He perused my sock yarn collection (after all, he’s a small dude and needed “small” yarn) and decided upon this colorway. He was quite proud to show the head kidnapper* his work-in-progress when he was returned to her presence at the Yarn Harlot’s lecture. I was supposed to be at this lecture, but my boys (all 3, to be exact) had a meltdown, so I gave specific instructions to Mr. Pink about meeting the Harlot.

In passing in the crowd, I saw two Karens (Hi, Karen and Karen!) and a couple of babies, along with a bunch of knitters. *Sigh*… maybe the next time she’s here the family won’t meltdown…

*Mr. Pink is kind of kidnapped, but in a good way.


One Response to “A Guest at Rosh Hashanah”

  1. KarenJoSeattle Says:

    Karen, thanks for finding us and stopping to say hello. I’m sorry you didn’t get to stay.

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