Knitting knots around the family.

September 11th September 11, 2007

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I remember what I was doing that morning 6 years ago. We lived in Pullman, WA. We didn’t have cable TV, and we listened to the radio as long as it took to drop Colten off at daycare and then head to campus. On the way to drop Colten off at daycare, I heard on the radio that the towers had fallen down. I thought it was a huge joke. This was just something that didn’t happen in America. Craig told me that he had heard about it on the radio earlier that morning before I got up. I looked at Colten in the backseat and had the immediate thought of just ditching classes that day and staying home and snuggling with my family. But Colt wanted to go to school, so we decided to keep it a normal day.

It was all that we talked about on campus. It wasn’t uncommon to walk into a classroom and see a note that said classes were cancelled and to watch the news. TVs were set up in meeting places like the library so we could keep up on what was going on. The skies were eerily quiet. All planes were grounded, and the flights from Seattle to Pullman flew directly over campus, so a part of the normal background noise was gone.

Later that night I called my parents. My mom lives between the last two dams on the Columbia River and works at a county hospital in a really small town. She told us that the dams were closed to visitors and security was raised, and that safety and security at the hospital was hightened. Dad was just amazed at what had happened. Craig called his parents and they were shocked as well at what was going on.

I didn’t know anyone who was lost directly related to the twin towers collapse. I know I’m lucky in that. I just wanted to mark the day so that we all take a small moment to remember those who weren’t so lucky. I know I’ll be making sure to give my kids an extra hug tonight.


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