Knitting knots around the family.

Words of Wisdom September 4, 2007

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Things I learned today:

-Do NOT go to the Target on the Labor Day Monday before classes start for most of the Puget Sound Schools. Bad juju abounds! And they’re all out of the good supplies unless you’re willing to play treasure hunter.

-Vegetable oil, a fine-tooth comb, and a little perserverence, and latex house paint will come out of hair. The boys helped grandma and grandpa paint part of their house today.

-Find a friend with an Italian plum tree. Our friend Karen and Lee have a landlord with 2 plum trees. These happen to be my absolute favorties! Happy day.

-Instead of buying the more expensive trademarked popular character stuff, especially if you have plain folders and pencil holder, buy a bunch of cheap stickers of that character. Makes the almost-2nd grader happy, AND his little brother. 🙂

Probably seems like common sense stuff, but I take the happy where I can get it.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


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