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Doing a Wheelie! August 20, 2007

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Meet “Etty”. She joined our little family on Wednesday, August 15, around 1pm. She weighs approximately 11lbs and is very well behaved. Name prior to adoption: Ashford “Joy”.
The skein below is my first handspun. The white is New Zealand wool, the brown/grey is a friend’s “kitchen sink” blend of alpaca and different wool types. It was not spun on “Etty”, but on a borrowed Ashford “Traveller”.
The nickel shows the … uniqueness of the yarn, otherwise known as a beginner trying to figure out how to properly spin and be somewhat consistent.

I must say, I enjoy spinning. I still enjoy the knitting and the tatting and all that stuff, too, but I like the spinning too. Now to get a Woolee Winder and I’d be set for life! Well, maybe a proper lazy kate too, although I had pretty good sucess with Etty’s built-in lazy kate today.


2 Responses to “Doing a Wheelie!”

  1. Sachi Says:


  2. Crazy Colorado Knitter Says:

    congrats on the wheel — i love mine. onn’t worry abou spinning thin or consistant yarn yet — it will come as you get more experience. 🙂

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