Knitting knots around the family.

Goodies August 30, 2007

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This is the smaller skein of the first handspun that was spun and plied completely on my new wheel Etty. It’s merino, blue and teal blended, by a gal I know up North. She has a drum-carder and is fantastic at mixing fibers and colors. Let me tell you, it’s sooooooooo soft and squooshy. This was my first order from Woolgirl. I decided to order from there due to seeing what you get after your 7th order, and well, I was hooked. These skeins are destined to become a pair of “Springtime in Paris” socks from the Six-Sox Knitalong. Since they’re pinky, they’re obviously NOT for me. 🙂
These are socks that were made in barter for a set of bronze dpns. I need to wash and ship them.

A better close-up. The trade for the dpns is closed, but when it opens again next year, I’ll be sure to post.

Next up: baby hats and more handspun.


Where was I now? August 27, 2007

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I was down canning with my mom. Yes, people do still can things for winter.

Spicey dill pickles. Yum… Peaches, good for ice cream later…
After a long day of canning, margaritas hit the spot.
This gentleman has a great sense of humor. If you look closely at his hood ornament, you’ll see it’s a skull wearing a viking hat. Classic.
I got some knitting done, I’ll show you in the next post. Right now, it’s time for re-entry into real life.


Doing a Wheelie! August 20, 2007

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Meet “Etty”. She joined our little family on Wednesday, August 15, around 1pm. She weighs approximately 11lbs and is very well behaved. Name prior to adoption: Ashford “Joy”.
The skein below is my first handspun. The white is New Zealand wool, the brown/grey is a friend’s “kitchen sink” blend of alpaca and different wool types. It was not spun on “Etty”, but on a borrowed Ashford “Traveller”.
The nickel shows the … uniqueness of the yarn, otherwise known as a beginner trying to figure out how to properly spin and be somewhat consistent.

I must say, I enjoy spinning. I still enjoy the knitting and the tatting and all that stuff, too, but I like the spinning too. Now to get a Woolee Winder and I’d be set for life! Well, maybe a proper lazy kate too, although I had pretty good sucess with Etty’s built-in lazy kate today.


My socks travelled far… August 13, 2007

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My lovely jaywalkers travelled from the land of Regia: Germany! Look at that stripe-matching goodness! Along with Pyrm bamboo dpns and another ball of Regia in beautiful colors. A better shot of the colors. We’ll see how the swatch makes out, but I’m thinking Monkeys.
Thank you, Katja!


Need another vacation… August 11, 2007

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I’m home. I need another vacation to recover from this one. No one died, cried in public, or got totally plastered at the family reunion. No one got sick this year at the lake (last year Kev decided to share a little 24 hour or so bug that kicked your butt). I’m exhausted and have 40 tons of crap to unpack, and that’s before I deal with the week’s worth of mail looming on the dining room table. I’ll post what I got sent right before I left, while I was gone, and what the current projects are looking like. Tomorrow… maybe Sunday… sometime in the next week, how ’bout that? 🙂


Family Reunion August 4, 2007

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Wish me luck, I’m off to the family reunion at Lake Chelan for a week. 50+ relatives. Help!

To my sockapalooza pal Carrie, you’ve found me! I hope you enjoyed your socks as much as I enjoyed making them and I’ll contact you when I get home.

See you all on the other side…