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I want to be Canadian! July 25, 2007

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I met Miss Amy Singer last night and decided something very important: I want to be a Canadian. And not just any Canadian, I want to live in Toronto, along with Amy and Stephane and all those other cool people!

Amy was just fantastic and as down to Earth as you could ever dream. She’s sharp and witty and to the point and gives non-wool information like no other! Of course, that being said, you’ll have to excuse my photos. I didn’t want to blind the poor woman with my flash. One of the gals in class had a wonderful husband and two dogs waiting outside during class. Isn’t this just the most spectacular coloring you’ve ever seen on a weinnie? And a fantastically photogenic dog to boot. He sat down when he saw the camera, and after the click, resumed his happy dance.
Amy taught some very important things. Like the fact of a gauge swatch in non-wooly things isn’t going to tell you what you need to know. I am so whole-heartedly embracing my GeeKY thing now!
Just between you and me, I don’t gauge swatch hardly at all. I also haven’t made sweaters or anything like that yet. But when it’s a GeeKY versus a swatch, I’ll take the GeeKY.


One Response to “I want to be Canadian!”

  1. KarenJoSeattle Says:

    Ah, I missed the cute dogs. But we did have a good time and learned a lot, didn’t we?

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