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Well, Shpit! July 15, 2007

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The first sockapalooza sock had issues, but they were issues that could be dealt with easily. Not so with sock 2. See my little issue? Look a little closer…
Now take a peek at sock 1.
Pooling! I’ve got freaking pooling! I need a little help here, before I either completely frog this sock or lose what mind I’ve got left.


A. Frog sock, redo and hope for no pooling.

B. Buy new skein of same yarn and hope for no pooling.

C. Finish sock and keep for self, and make new socks with Regia “Bamboo Color” in the Jamaica (#1066) colorway.

D. Email sock pal and see how she feels about not quite matchy matchy socks.

I’ll do option D anyway, just to see how it goes, but if anyone has an option that I haven’t thought of, or just an opinion on the options above, leave a comment. I need all the help I can get.


One Response to “Well, Shpit!”

  1. Sachi Says:

    Option E: let go of your perfectionist side and let the socks be what they want to be. I know it’s not easy. But I can tell you that this sock knitter has no issue with pooling as long as the colors get somewhat equal time. Plus, being a spinner, I must get used to imperfection. 😉

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