Knitting knots around the family.

Hum de dum de dum June 1, 2007

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Figured I should post, it’s been a while.

Since I last posted, we’ve seen:

1. The beginning of Summer. I don’t care that it official starts at dusk on June 21st. Summer officially starts for me when I see the first Swallowtail Butterfly flit by me. I’ve only seen two so far, but that’s enough.

2. More bags of miracle-gro garden soil that you can shake a stick at. We went to see my mom last weekend and we heaved and hauled and dumped more than 20 bags of this stuff on her gardens. Did I mention that she has a full 1-acre lawn and it’s surrounded by flower beds? And we still didn’t cover everything!

3. Me go nuts with online ordering. Currently in the order que: a full set of knit picks options needles, a knit picks chart keeper, a really cool little project bag to stash in my haiku bag, and the Yarn Harlot’s newest literary masterpiece and Favorite Socks (gotta love amazon’s deals). My birthday was the 22nd of May and the fam got me a lot of gift cards and cash. It’s all good. There’s also a bunch of books coming in from Paperback Swap. If you read a lot, and have a bookshelf that needs to be whittled down to make room for more, I seriously suggest you go here! Free service.

My little project bag, delivered today. WooHoo!

4. Found yarn for my sockapalooza pal. She lives in Florida, so I wanted to make her socks that she could actually wear in “cooler” months with no wool. Enter Crystal Palace “Panda Cotton”. I actually got this on the LYS tour the weekend before the last post, but just hadn’t posted about it. It’s my first time working with this yarn, but I’ve worked with the worsted weight of it (“Bamboozle“) for a pair of anklets for my mom, and it worked up lovely and retains some of the spring of the elastic. If it doesn’t work out, no biggie, just time to hit Etsy.

5. Pooled some gift cards together with my husband to get an awesome 3-person garden swing that folds down into a hammock-type platform. Needs to be assembled this weekend, but it will be soooooo sweet to just sit and swing in the back yard and not have to squeeze an adult-size butt into a child-size swingset swing. ETA: it’s been put together, but notice who’s on it!

6. Found a baby pepper on one of our pepper plants. It’s so darn cute.

I know, I lead a small life, but it’s a good life. 🙂