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Meme 1: Your Spouse May 24, 2007

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This post is brought to you via Sachi, who couldn’t didn’t want to meme 2 people, so I stepped up so she wouldn’t have to.

2 things you compliment your husband on while in his presence:

1. The way he knows when I need snuggles and extra lovings
2. The way he balances out my insanity and puts up with my crap.

2 compliments you give about your husband to others:

1. The way he cooks (he makes bread from scratch!).
2. The way he helps parent our children.

2 Traits you married him for:

1. He’s very cuddly and funny.
2. When you’re really freaking out, he can talk you down and put things in a better perspective.

2 days you cherished most being together with your husband:

1. Well, this counts as 2 days: the births of both of our children. He was brave and put up with me being psycho and yelling that I was NOT pushing out this child with our second son and was steeled enough that he didn’t freak out when our first son was born with a good portion of his insides hanging out.

2 Material things you would give your husband if you inherited a fortune:

1. His own shop to dink around on engines and cars and whatnot.
2. A business that he and his best friend (since they were 6 years) could run together.

2 things you would miss most if he left for 2 weeks:

1. His foot. You have to understand, when we sleep, we always have at least one part of our bodies touching. Usually it’s a foot.
2. Having a pinch hitter when the boys are being truly unruly and I’m at wit’s end.

2 things that crossed your mind the first time you met your future husband:

1. “Whoa, there’s a cute guy sitting next to me!”
2. “Bicycle helment: means he’s either insane or really geeky.”

2 favorite dates:

1. Going to see “Shakesphere in Love.”
2. When we lived in Pullman WA and used to have breakfast dates together at the Old European Waffle House after we dropped our older son off at daycare and before afternoon classes.

2 funny, odd things you love about your husband:

1. His fur. I married a sasquatch and I tease him a lot about this, but it’s comforting to rub his chest hair when I’m really upset about something.
2. The fact that he is a huge computer geek. He loves it, it’s his job, it’s just a part of him.

2 places you have lived with your husband:

1. Pullman WA.
2. SeaTac WA, where we live now.

2 favorite vacations:

1. Cannon Beach OR for our honeymoon.
2. Orcas Island WA for our anniversary one year before the idea of our youngest son came to be.

2 people to tag:

1. LavenderSheep: I’m just nosy. 🙂
2. Wrap and Turn: she tagged me with the other meme of the day, so turnabout is fair play!


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