Knitting knots around the family.

Dearest Sockapalooza Sock Pal May 2, 2007

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It’s rather embarassing to say this, but I have all of one handknit pair of socks for myself. I tend to be a gift knitter than a knitter for myself. I have included a shot of my sock yarn drawer so you can see what is lurking in there to get an idea of what I like. Ignore the pinks, some of it is for a friend who is obsessed with pink and another is a gift skein of Blue Moon Fibers “Socks That Rock” that I can’t quite bear to part with…

I tend to wear sneakers and closed-toe shoes, so a sock with a pattern that extends down the heel probably wouldn’t be a good thing. I’m not super big on handwashing, but I do have the means to do it. 🙂 I’m a busy mom with two boys, so anything washable is fantastic. I believe I noted my allergies in my database entry, but if that didn’t come through, please let me know!
I hope this helps you on your way! Thanks for leaving a comment for me!

One Response to “Dearest Sockapalooza Sock Pal”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for giving me a peer into your yarn stash. I’m sure I will find a suitable yarn for your. First of all I have to decide about a pattern and maybe knit a pair for me to test the pattern. But there is a lot of time til 2nd of August.

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