Knitting knots around the family.

I’m here… April 24, 2007

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I’ve been busy with PTA things (I’m the treasurer and the raffle coordiator. Would you like to donate?) and then got kicked by some nasty bug hubby bought home. I have been busy on the crafting front, too. Purple baby booties (Vogue Knitting-on-the-go Baby Knits 2) in Dale Baby Ull, Lace Ankle Sock (Cherry Tree Hill) in Crystal Palace Bamboozle (the worsted weight of CP’s Panda Cotton), and some little doo-dads.
Sarah and I took tatting classes in February and through April. Above is a beaded brooch that I made in class a few weeks ago.

This is my little tatted dragonfly that I did on the same night. We’re learning fancy things on both shuttles and needles, and it’s a great class.

Something has changed in the sidebar. “Knotty K” is me. Well, me in the world. If you consider the world the little fruit stand that my family owns. I’m selling some hats and socks in the stand, and during the seasons we have awesome fruit and we ship! If we’ve got a website, I’ll post it when I can.


One Response to “I’m here…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Karen, you are learing tatting? I have a tatting shuffel but I have no idea how to do tatting.
    I will surfe your blog to get an idea how your socks have to be that you like them.

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