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Scary Thoughts on a Sugar High March 29, 2007

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Sarah had to work late and had a really bad day, so I went the rescue with sugar and an ear to listen. After lots of chocolate and caramel, I was spinning in an office chair and it suddenly dawned on me: what about a human spindle? One person in a spinny(you know, like spinning) chair holding on to the end of the fiber, one on a ladder (or somehow above the person in the chair so the person in the chair doesn’t keep bumping them) holding the drafting fiber. Of course, you’d need to make sure that the spinner doesn’t get motion sickness, otherwise innocent fiber could be befouled…

I swear, the scary things that come out of my mind in sugar hazes. Oh, heeeeeeeeeeey, what about the same idea on a merry-go-round…

Hmm, I think it may be time to go to bed.


One Response to “Scary Thoughts on a Sugar High”

  1. Sachi Says:

    Oh, sugar bad. Do you know how many revolutions you’d have to make? OMG, I might get sick just thinking about it.

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