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Things that Make you go Hmmm… March 5, 2007

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Just a bunch of randomness from my life.

1. Things tend to happen in threes. In the last two weeks or so, I have seen my first:1)a lifted H2 (would somebody please explain to my WHY?!?), 2)an H2 on a tow truck with a severely crunched front end, and 3)an H2 being towed from the side of the freeway. I always see them zipping around town, but never quite like these 3 incidences. Kind of like catching an authority figure with their pants down.

2. When under the influence of a cold, do not operate heavy machinery. I got my butt kicked by a cold this weekend. Saturday was the worse day. I got up, got into the shower, washed up, and turned off the shower. I reached up to squish the excess water from my hair, and felt shampoo. Urgh. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day, so I camped out on the couch and didn’t do a whole lot of anything except sleep and drink lots of fluids. The sad thing is, I only take zicam (homeopathic) for a cold, nothing else…

3. Apparently, I can’t even Jaywalk correctly. I finished the second try of the Sock Candy ankle socks, and they’re going to mom. I couldn’t get the cuff to work out to fit my ankle and figured they could go to a good home with her. So I started some Jaywalkers for me out of some stash. After I tinked the first ‘zigzag’ row 5 times, I placed markers and finally got the idea.

4. I will probably go up in flames for saying this, but Sock Candy? Me no likey. It splits, it does funky things, I’m just not amused with it. Next up on cotton to try: Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace. This will wait till after the self-imposed yarn embargo. Easter gift to self?

5. Overheard outside of the Southcenter JoAnn’s yesterday afternoon:
Husband: Why do I do this?
Wife: Because you love me.
Husband: I’d rather get whacked up side the head with a hammer…

6. Someone contact the Nation Weather Bureau: it’s sunny in Seattle. And more than just 5 minutes!


One Response to “Things that Make you go Hmmm…”

  1. kim Says:

    Ok…#1 and #5 really cracked me up.

    Especially #5.

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