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Grumpy! Now with static-shock-therapy! February 2, 2007

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My last two posts have been anything but happy and cheerful. This last week I’ve been grumpy and p**sy and just generally unpleasant. On top of all that, I’ve been shocking everything in sight. Hug the kids, zzzap! Kiss my husband, zzzap! Get adjusted by the chiropractor, zzzap! We may live in the “damp” Northwest, but this week has been as dry as the Sahara and it’s making plenty of static.

In the wake of my grumpiness, no spouses, children, small fuzzy animals, or others were harmed during this week of ugly. And something good came out of some really big ugliness. The skein of Sea Silk I purchased at Madrona was poorly skeined, resulting in an hour of winding the skein off of the swift and then rewinding that ball. Not nice. But I started the Fiber Trends “Flower Basket Shawl” with it and it’s all going well so far, only one restart. Compared to past lace experiences, this is going quite smoothly.

Beyond this past week being dry and sunny, apparently we have some early budding going on. This is the crazy willow that lives around our utility pole. It’s already got buds, a full month and a half before the official start of Spring. Anyone else noticing early budding that’s extrememly disturbing?


One Response to “Grumpy! Now with static-shock-therapy!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I am electric too! I kept shocking myself on the cart at IKEA last night.


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