Knitting knots around the family.

Inevitability February 27, 2007

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The Blue Moon Fiber Sock Candy socks I completed over the weekend. State of said socks as of 10 minutes ago…
What happened? I wore them last night to bed to see if what I thought was an issue existed. It did. The ankle doesn’t hold up, the heel flap was too short. Sock Candy does not have the same flexibility as Cascade Fixation. So back to the drawing board. I think I’m going to cast on 40 instead of 44 stitches, do all 14 rows of ribbing, increase 4 stitches, make a slightly longer heel flap, and see if my issues are resolved. If not, this will be the last skein of Sock Candy that I purchase.


Where Were the Bakers? February 26, 2007

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Here’s my group of boys at the Portland Zoo. We went down to visit my parents. Left to right: Bryan, Colt, Papa, Kev, and Craig. They were embracing their inner primate.
This is what happened the next day: 5″ of snow! Bry has some quads, so they broke them out and played in the white stuff. This is Craig spinning some doughnuts.

All in all, a good weekend. I finished a pair of socks, visited with mom, got to see my favorite pregnant yarn shop owner, and the boys got to play with some animals and some snow.


"Handle" with Care February 21, 2007

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I’m coming unglued about a stupid handle. I’ve been to 3 different places: JoAnn Etc., Michaels, and Pacific Craft and Fabric. Too long, too short, wrong color, wrong materials. I tried looking at leather lacings and trim, thinking that I could make my own braided handle. Wrong color.

The handle used in the Brea bag is from M&J Trimmings. You know what, for $25 before shipping, they can keep it. And that’s just for one single handle.

So, I’ve bitten the bullet, realized that I’m going to have to buy another skein of the Ultra Alpaca, bought some goldtone D-rings, and I’m going to figure out something from there. Not sure if it will be moss stitch like the gusset of the bag, or if I’ll do a cable, but at least it will match the bag.


Mama’s Making a Brand New Bag February 19, 2007

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Here’s the front of Berroco’s Brea bag for a cousin’s 18th birthday. It’s Ultra Alpaca, so it’s a bit fuzzy and I’m getting fluff up the nose when I work with it, but it’s making a lovely, dense fabric. The thing I love most about this bag is that it looks like you make 4 separate triangles and then sew them together, but it’s really cleverly placed double decreases that allow the front and back to be worked from the bottom of the pieces up to the top middle.
What can I say, I love ingenious construction.


Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

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My newest love, the Haiku bag with a design found specifically at Title Nine. Sorry about the pics, no sun, lots of rain today (it is Seattle, after all). I love the detail. It’s small enough not to be overpowering, big enough to fit a medium-size project in the main pouch area.


Missed Blogiversary February 8, 2007

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It’s really sad when you miss your own blogiversary. Apparently I started this blog on Groundhog Day last year. I know I didn’t see my shadow this year, does that count?


Happy Birthday Kev! February 6, 2007

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Four years old today. Here he is, modeling his “all for me?” hat made from the leftovers of brother’s helment. This was taken this morning. He woke up long enough to take a few sips from the sippy, and apparently that was good enough. It’s hillarious to hear him snore around the sippy.
Happy birthday, little man.