Knitting knots around the family.

Just in time January 17, 2007

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There is joy in the house: there was SCHOOL today! Started 2 hours late, but hey, if it gives my nerves a bit of time to recover, I’ll take it!

Craig requested a gaiter after freezing up on Snoqualmie Pass last weekend during ski lessons. I looked at the gaiter from “One Skein”, adapted it for my yarn, Craig’s measurements, and my gauge, and here’s what I’ve got. Craig requested it to be longer so that he could pull it up over the lower half of his face and snug it up to his goggles. No problem!
The yarn is part of a 392 yard skein that I purchased at Warm Valley Orchard on Orcas Island near the ferry terminal. It’s 50/50 handspun merino and silk dyed a lovely pewter color (color in the photos are not accurate). I purchased it because it was our anniversary and I was hoping to make Craig something out of it.
This is my first completed cabled project. I’m so proud of myself. And I still have enough yarn to make another small project.


One Response to “Just in time”

  1. Wendy DG Says:

    Your cables are perfect. Congratulations. It also looks very warm and cozy.

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