Knitting knots around the family.

Socks and Monster Trucks January 16, 2007

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Hmm, doesn’t quite look right for my knitting area… Could this be the reason why I’m crammed into a small seat with my sock?
Yup, I’m weird. I knit and I like to go to the monster truck shows. Above are Grave Digger and Blue Thunder.
Grave Digger catching some air. How can you not get into this?

I did have a few little problems. I was grooving along on my sock, had picked up the gusset and was two rows in, and realized that I had forgotten to turn the heel. D’OH! So I ripped back and turned the heel and carried on. Then I got home that night and realized that I had missed a row of the lace pattern on the cuff (the sock is Lace Anklet by Cherry Tree Hill in High Country Cotton) and it looked wrong, so the whole thing got frogged. Lesson learned: socks probably aren’t the best project to take to a monster truck show when you’re also trying to take decent pictures. If you’re interested, here’s my flickr set for the rest of the show.


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