Knitting knots around the family.

Tag! I’m it! December 20, 2006

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Okay, I’ve been hit with the “6 weird things” meme. I’m actually flattered, this is the first time I’ve been officially tagged.

6 weird things (or TMI)…

1. My dad has a mole on his chest. I have a mole in the same position. Neither of my boys have the mole.

2. I get more freaked before and during family gatherings with my in-laws than I do with rooms full of absolute strangers.

3. The punchline of my favorite joke is “My husband sent me to charm school to learn how to say ‘that’s nice, that’s very nice’ instead of ‘who the f–k cares.'”

4. The first time I dyed my hair a non-normal hair color (blue streaks, to be exact) was when I was 22, my older son was 2, and it was right after Thanksgiving. A week later we were at the pediatrician’s and he looked at me for a minute before stating “your hair is supposed to be blue, right?”

5. I was born a red-head, had it shaved off at 5 months old due to typhoid fever, was bald till about 2, then came back blond. Now it’s dishwater blond if I don’t highlight.

6. The sexiest smell in the world is fresh baked bread when my husband makes bread from scratch. That and the fact that he makes me laugh and balances me out were the main reasons I’ve kept him around for 7 years.

Probably not overtly weird, but it’s all I can think of at this point in time.

Now go tag someone else!


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