Knitting knots around the family.

Traction Devices Advised November 29, 2006

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Tire chains ring, are you listening?
To the sound of tires spinning…
A beautiful sight, if you’re home tonight,
Living in a Winter wonderland.

I sucked at poetry, can’t you tell, but the sentiment’s all there. Western Washington has been socked in by a nice snow storm followed by freezing weather (my thermometer didn’t get above freezing today). No school and the hubby decided to telecommute instead of try the roads, so I had 3 boys on my hands today. Oh please let there be school tomorrow… even if it starts late!

In knitting news, I’ve completed 2 (out of who knows how many I’ll make) cotton washcloths for “Grammy” Marge. She’s a widow who was best buddies with my grandmother before my grandma passed on and we’ve adopted her. Kind of a cheesy gift, but one she’ll truly appreciate. One that my family is appreciating also, it’s keeping my hands busy so I’m not driving them nuts.


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