Knitting knots around the family.

How early is too early? November 9, 2006

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No, I’m not talking about when to tell people you’re pregnant. My baby-making days are over and I’m happy with the two boys.

I’m talking about how early is too early for Christmas decorations. Remember the days when they waited till closer to Thanksgiving? Dim memories. The Macy’s Holiday Store at Bellevue Square was open before Halloween. No, not a typo, Hallo-freakin-ween. Unless you were dressing as the jolly fat man or a funky little elf, what the heck was the point? Starbucks had the decency to wait until this week to launch the Christmas stuff in their stores. I broke down and bought a peppermint mocha frappachino, just too yummy to pass up. They had Christmas music selections at the cashier and Kev was trying to talk me into buying them. I told him my rule: “mom doesn’t do Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving.” I may push it to Thanksgiving afternoon, but that’s at the earliest.

I realize that retailers are trying to cash in more on the holiday spending, but all it gives me is Christmas burnout, as in I’m totally burnt out on Christmas weeks before it actually happens. Tired of tinseled wonderlands and ringing bells. Tired of seeing tired, cranky, and stressed out kids standing in line waiting to sit on Santa’s lap (neither of my kids have ever sat on Santa’s lap). Tired of no parking because some mammoth SUV has taken up more than one space.

Okay, I’m done ranting and stepping off my soapbox now. I finished the commissioned project and will post pictures later. It turned out adorable. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “How early is too early?”

  1. Lavendersheep Says:

    What about Christmas knitting? I must admit that I start planning in September because of all that knitting!

  2. Michaela Says:

    I am completely with you on this — I think there’s been a definite creep back from Thanksgiving to Halloween as the “acceptable” time to start putting out Christmas merchandise and decorations. By the time Christmas arrives, I find myself ready to be done with it all, which is not how I want to feel. Lavendersheep does have a good point about Christmas knitting, but that’s a different category altogether I think. πŸ™‚

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