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Trip to the Post Office October 24, 2006

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7:30 pm- Arrive at post office.

7:45- Get to the point in line where I can find international customs declaration slip. Fill out slip.

7:50 – Postal worker realized that I have neglected to write addresses directly on package. I stand to the side and write addresses.

7:55 – Postal worker realizes that I have filled out the wrong form and gives me another form.

8:00 – I take the form home to be filled out later.

I realize they’re a government agency and therefore they have to make everything as complicated as possible, but some days it would be nice if they could have someone in the line like a concierge to tell you what you really need to fill out.


2 Responses to “Trip to the Post Office”

  1. kim Says:

    Don’t you hate those customs forms? Especially where you have to say what’s inside…I know…for security and all, but it kind of takes the fun out of sending a surprise.

    Thanks for the comment…yeah..I wish we could have met…that would have been pretty cool. But I like having people to write to and such…and I’m going to keep up with my blog…

  2. Lavendersheep Says:

    Usually I just hit USPS’s website before going down there. I figure that I can find the info out faster myself than waiting in line and asking.

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